About Us


Hi! I’m Lloyd!

They finally convinced me to put up a website and a blog with my projects, tinkerings and experiments. I break things… and then I fix them, mostly. I like electrons. Huge electric vehicle fan.


And I’m Elaine

I chase Lloyd with a camera and write words down. Also a pretty big fan of the electric car thing and improving things with sustainable tech.

LloydBrokeIt is, mostly, car stuff. Vehicle electronics is where Lloyd shines even if he’s interested in all sorts of other stuff like electric vehicles, solar power, sustainable industry, and DIY everything.

And LloydBrokeIt mostly happens in Swift Current, Saskatchewan which is a small town on the Canadian prairies. Being semi rural adds it’s own set of challenges to the whole deal. You can’t find parts and it’s hours to the next, still not very big, city. Tech adoption is slow. Embracing sustainable business practices is still weird here. The primary industries are farming and oil and gas, full stop.

On the plus side, this is the Canadian sun belt so solar is a good alternative energy. Tech, while slow, does eventually show up and the locals are super DIYers. There’s space and time to work on things here.